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Mission of Dermatology Clinic for Animals of Lacey
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The mission of Dermatology Clinic for Animals is to serve pet owners and referring veterinarians of the Pacific Northwest by improving the quality of pets’ lives through specialized knowledge and care in the field of veterinary dermatology.

A veterinary dermatologist serves as an extension of the care provided by your primary veterinarian, in order to optimize treatment of pets with difficult skin and ear diseases. Veterinary dermatologists are expertly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies/chronic itching, auto-immune skin diseases, chronic ear infections, parasitic, bacterial and fungal skin infections, hormonal skin diseases, and congenital skin disorders.

If initial treatment by a veterinarian of a patient with skin or ear disease is not successful, referral to a dermatology specialist can be pursued. As a specialty practice, Dermatology Clinic for Animals works as a team with the referring family veterinarian and the pet owner in the lifelong care of their pets.

Scheduling an Appointment

Please call our office to schedule an appointment. Although not required, a referral from your regular veterinarian is recommended in order to allow Dermatology Clinic for Animals to obtain past medical records and to maintain communication throughout your pet’s treatment. The initial examination and consultation will take 1-1.5 hours. Determining the medical history of the patient is often the most important part of the appointment, and the pet owner can enhance this part of the appointment by completing the patient history questionnaire (click on Resources, then Forms) prior to the appointment. During the appointment, the doctor may obtain samples from your pet’s skin or ears for in-clinic microscopic analysis to identify potential infections or parasites, or obtain blood samples for laboratory analysis. Depending on initial test results, appropriate medications are prescribed and further investigation may be indicated.