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To optimize treatment of pets with chronic ear infections, Dermatology Clinic for Animals utilizes video-otoscopy. This procedure involves the use of specialized equipment which has a highly magnified camera lens used to examine the deeper parts of the ear canal, the ear drum, and the middle ear. It is very helpful in identifying foreign objects and tumors in the canal, abnormalities of the eardrum, and infection of the middle ear. Additionally, instruments can be inserted through the video-otoscope to grasp or biopsy objects in the ear canal, or to flush debris out of the ear canal and middle ear. Findings can be documented via photographs and video recordings. Video-otoscopy is a valuable tool in enabling our veterinarians to accurately diagnose and treat challenging cases of chronic ear infections in companion animals.

A severe middle ear infection in a dog

We saw little Max today for a painful ear infection for the past 6 months; when we did video otoscopy to look deep into his ear we found his eardrum was ruptured and his middle ear was full of pus which we were able to flush out, and now with the right antibiotics Max will finally start feeling better!

Posted by Dermatology Clinic for Animals on Tuesday, March 10, 2020